AMD Ryzen Threadripper with Hyper-V: Very Good Match


After Meltdown + Spectre OS patches caused low performance and security fiasco with my old Core i7-920, I've decided to switch to a new PC plaftorm. I really wanted something that will (hopefully) last for another decade or so and will provide tons of performance to come.

So how good this new AMD Ryzen Threadripper platform is? Synthetic benchmarks are revealing of the performance to some extent, but real world usage is what really matters to me.

Let's see how this beast compiles a default configuration of Linux 4.17 kernel (with modules) under Hyper-V VM (stock Ubuntu 18.04) under Windows 10 Pro:

Linux Kernel Compilation

62 seconds (!!) to do this task (utilizing all 32 vCPUs with 100% host load and all temperatures kept under 60 degrees Celsius) - that's definitely not a bad result at all. Not to mention that the host system stayed fully responsive for all the time...


Bravo AMD! Nice to see you back in the CPU game again! :)


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